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Are you annoyed by tipsters with guaranteed tips and you don’t know whether to go for it or not?

Uncategorized | projektman projektman - 15. April 2023

There are also a large number of speculators in the world of gambling. It is possible that while looking for the right tipster, you will also come across some unserious ones. Even nowadays, they are looking for you! Perhaps you have already come across ads on Instagram, Facebook, for guaranteed sports tips, where the tipster guarantees you huge money, which is hard to resist, while driving a new Mercedes or unloading a sports bag full of money from the trunk of his bloated athlete. As soon as you click on the advertisement, you will be constantly attacked by advertisements with screenshots from his account in the betting office, where 10 winning tips are displayed in a row. Well, don’t buy it!

We will advise you. Forget it. That’s not how it works.

Any similar advertisement for a betting service is a pure fraud. I even wanted to check where it could go the other day, so I contacted the tipster on messenger, where after several messages generated by his chatbot, he sent me a guaranteed tip. And wonder the world… the tip was a winner!

However, the real world of betting is not about one tip. It may or may not be a winning tip, and if the fraudster addresses 100 people like this, where he sends 50 people the home team win and the remaining 50 people the away team win (or a draw), it is perfectly fine for him if the tip does not work for 50 people, if more He gets 50 people excited by giving him hundreds of euros for one more “guaranteed” tip or giving him half of the winnings (as he requested). And that the next tip won’t work? Never mind! After all, I already have money in my account, and there are an unlimited number of people in the world who will let themselves be caught.

The world of betting and professional betting for the purpose of long-term profit, such as on the stock exchange, is about statistics, about long-term return on investment, it is about the words ROI, YIELD, it is simply more of a world of banking, brokerage, than a world of unlimited entertainment. Although you can feel the adrenaline and the experience with every match that you bet on. It’s the same for us, who have been in this business for years 🙂 As a bonus, with the extra money you earn, you will experience real experiences in the real world, which will arouse your emotions even more beautiful and stronger than during the matches themselves. After all, with the money you have earned, you will be able to watch such matches live from the English Premier League, through the Italian Serie A, to the Spanish La Liga and fulfill your secret dreams with the help of betting.

How to gain trust in a betting service that really knows what it’s doing? First of all, he will not ask you for money for one tip, because it is bullshit in itself, as mentioned above. The real value of the tips can be seen in tens of submitted matches. A successful tipping service does not wink at you from a private plane heading to the Bahamas and does not ask you for money after 1-2 played matches. A serious tipping service patiently maintains long-term statistics that are transparent and ideally will offer you a period of delivering tips for free, where the added value of the tips should already be realistically reflected, so that you know whether it is worthwhile to make an investment and start earning with tips on sports matches .

That’s how it is here too!

Join and get winning tips that probably won’t earn you a Lamborghini, but it is likely that you will multiply your monthly income by 2-3 times in a relatively short time and your income will continue to increase over time.

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