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How to set up money management so that we can earn long-term peace of mind.

Uncategorized | projektman projektman - 15. April 2023

You are probably wondering how much money to put in one bet in order to win the maximum and not “bleed out” in the case of a longer series of unsuccessful tips. How to set up money management depends on:

1. From your initial budget, or amount of money

which you are willing to invest in this business. Imagine that a banker in a bank offers you to save money by investing in stock markets. He advises you to invest only a certain part of the money from your entire property, so that you only risk as much as you can afford. The reward for the risk is a higher interest, which will ensure that after a year you buy something that will make you happy or that you will have a financially secure retirement later.

Sports betting can be an alternative to investing in stock markets. It’s just much more profitable for the same risk. Even that risk may be lower. You just need to maintain discipline and follow the recommendations strictly.

2. From the amount of ROI (return on investment)

which you are able to achieve in the long term. A tipper who has a long-term ROI of 5% can afford to invest a different percentage of the budget in one event, and a different amount of investment in a sports event is suitable for someone who achieves an ROI of 15% or 20% all year round. We have good news for you. If you are going to use our system and decide to submit a tip that we only recommend, it is enough if you take our advice and submit max. 1.5% of your total finances intended for betting, unless you want short-term enthusiasm and a later fall, but long-term money-making without existential fluctuations.

3. Discipline

The most important and at the same time the most difficult part of money management is maintaining discipline when betting, so we have reserved a separate article for this part of risk management, which you can read in our blog.

Are you ready for a successful ride?

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