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High ROI

Successful companies have an ROI of approx. 10% and in the bank you usually only get between 0-3% per year.

Our long-term return on invested costs is over 60% per year with safe risk management.

Reliable tips

We also exclusively focus on football events, because it is the sport that is searched for by the most people in the world, including among tipsters. There is such a high amount of money in closed bets and you don't have to worry that the course will drop significantly before you close the bet.

In addition, we guarantee a limited number of our members so that there are no losses in the value of the course.

Delivery min. 2 hours before the match

We know it's not the only activity you have to do during the day, which is why we guarantee delivery of paid tips 2 hours before a sporting event.

Cash flow stability

Betting, even if it is controlled for profit, brings great emotions and these are not the friend of discipline, which is necessary for successful betting. The good news is that despite the higher odds we tip, steady profit growth is the norm here.

This inevitably includes money management settings, which you can find in our blog.

... and there's more

Be a shark and invest
in a market where people
spend their money
wildly just for fun.